Saturday, August 6, 2011

One more overnight

Once again, the scenery was amazing , riding through the Green Mountains of Vermont, seeing the back roads in which there are a lot of humble dwellings.  Mixed in those seemingly lonely houses were some large beautiful farms. I could see that in the smaller, unknown towns and villages people have moved out ( vacant homes and businesses), due to the economy.  One place that we noticed, a place to stop in for lunch, was a great business.
the Red Hen Baking Co. on US Route 2 in Middlesex, VT.
Red Hen Baking Company

Home made, organic foods and locally sourced products are used to make this a destination for a light, healthy lunch.
Off came the rain gear and packed away for the next leg of our journey.  Stopping in at Green Mountain H.D.
was great fun because we ran into a couple we met on the Cabot Trail.  Kelly and Ed from Barrie, On,  were making their way home too and planned on visiting Lake Placid, NY.  This was also our last stop before going home,  as it was the perfect way to round off our adventure , in the Adirondacks.
Ed and Kelly told us they would take the ferry to Lake Placid,  we hadn't thought of that option yet.  After looking at the GPS and map,  the ferry was the best way for us given the time of day.  It would take 2.5 hours to ride around Lake Champlain OR half the time taking the ferry.  So, on the boat we go....
On the ferry crossing Lake Champlain,  and the Adirondacks in the
background (loving the birds resting on the rocks). 

On our way to Lake Placid we took more back roads which landed us in Wilmington, NY, the home of Whiteface Mountain, only 20 min from lake Placid.  
We didn't know about the rugby and lacrosse tournaments going on during this week.  That was quickly revealed to us as the NO VACANCY signs were on all the motels. We just kept making our way to Lake Placid and finally an inn!
The Wilderness Inn " roughing it in style" they say.

The Hemlock was the name of our was great, everything  in it and  no one  around.
We would come back again, and really use it to it's full capacity. It was the northern version of  our cabin in Tennessee!!

I know,  who hasn't seen trees,  I just loved how high these were and  that they were our canopy at the cabin.  

Oh,  and the meal at the Wilderness restaurant....amazing, the best,  we will go there again even if it's just a day trip.

This is the patio at the restaurant, we sat in the bottom left corner.  The inside was very clean and fresh!  With a Christmas theme. 

In the morning all we had to travel to make it home was 3 hours.  We took the most scenic way home that we could and once we crossed the border we continued our ride with the country roads.

After 5072 km,  three new tires, a couple of rain encounters oh, and a lost exhaust baffle ( ask us about that one!!) we made it  home safe and sound...and it's good!!!

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