Sunday, July 24, 2011

There's always plan "B"

Jim spotted a really quaint restaurant for offered great hospitality and fresh homemade bread with homemade strawberry jam!  A perfect way to start our day which was to take us to Gaspe.  We rode for 20 min along the shore at the beginning of the Gaspe Peninsula, but had to stop to add an extra layer.  The breeze off the St. Lawrence is very chilly at 8:00 am.  I had to stop and try to get a picture of the shore, and then Jim made a discovery!

My rear tire is worn out...YIKES...we ride on to the next city/town and it happens to be Matane, QC.
Hoping to locate a Harley dealership close by (ha-ha-ha), our HD directory shows a dealership in Rimouski and Baie-Comeau. I spotted the ferry to take us across to Baie-Comeau (better to spend 2 hours on a boat than risk riding back to Rimouski over an hour away) and we got there at just the right time. 11:00 am.
So, we get to sail across the big river and enjoy the view. Once we dock, back on the bikes to 305 Boul. LaSalle. It's Sunday and they're closed but open at 8:30 tomorrow morning, I'll be waiting at the door :)
Well, we can say we spent the night in the home town of former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney!!

                                             Plain worn out!! My tire that is.