Saturday, July 23, 2011

Through Montreal, Quebec City and beyond!

First things first, on the road at 7:00 am with our bikes loaded up!! As you can see, Jim's got most of our gear --I have the most important things, sleeping bags and my new tiny blow dryer ;D

So, we rode through Montreal which is great to travel early on a weekend!! Passed by Quebec City on HWY 20  and stopped for lunch on HWY 132 in Montmagny, Quebec.  It was a great restaurant, with other riders stopping in to eat as well.  We decided to stay on this scenic route for the duration of the day and it was gorgeous!!  There was a BIG storm brewing along the St. Lawrence, black clouds and huge winds...we doubled back about half and hour or so to escape the rain.  We ended up stopping on the side of the road (no gas stations to be found for cover), to put our rain gear on. As we headed east again,  the storm left us and we were back in the sunshine,  woo-hoo!  Riding to Rimouski was our goal and we are just shy of there.
The picture here is across from where we are staying tonight and our dinner was yummy!! We are at the Motel  Le Barillet, and the scenery is so pretty!! Love, y'all--sleep tight.