Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hard to say "good bye" , but there's no place like home!!!

While making our way home through the White Mountains (New Hampshire), Green Mountains (Vermont) and Adirondacks (New York), internet connections were nil to none.  It could be because we stayed in smaller motels and cabins :)
Coming into New Hampshire was an amazing sky with the threat of thunder showers, but they stayed away.

The day started out perfect as Jim and I mapped out our first stop at the Bangor H.D. before going on to New Hampshire. The plan was to try to get a new rear tire for Jim's bike this was also wearing down.
Ends up the dealership is only retail and we had to find one with service.  The next closest is  Seacoast H.D. , in North Hampton N.H  supposedly only 2 hours away.  We arrive at the dealership 4 hours later,  we were thankful they could take the bike in the shop as this time of year is crazy busy. Now the service guys tell us it should only take 2 hours to fix....4 hours later we are on the road.  North Conway is where we found our place to sleep and eat. 
Great spot to stay, in the mountains...although the sign says wi-fi,
we couldn't get it!

Our view from the inn

This was on our way to the restaurant down the street, the clouds were very ominous!!

Next morning, into the White Mountains we ride...via the Kancamagus Highway, #112 it boasts the most scenic highway in New Hampshire! Most definitely a great curvy ride!!

The White Mountains
A very empty river bed

Just had to get a snapshot of this sign! They were everywhere...keeps you on your toes.

Now we are out of the White Mountains and on the regular roads, still very scenic however, I take the lead for a while and could see the sky getting a little darker. At the sighting of the first 3 raindrops, I pull over to gear up in our rain suits. Oh boy,  we did that just in time because right after the suits went on, it poured.
I mean, poured hail, I spotted a campground and got off the road.  I had no clue where to take cover, but a man came over and guided us to a tent shelter. The wind was gusting so hard the tent was falling apart and Jim had to move our motorcycles under the hard picnic canopy, or the water would have caused a mud slide. Then he and the man (owner of the campground) started to try and get the tent back up.
It took about 20 minutes  and then the sun came out!!!
Can you say wet????  

Yes, Jim is laughing, this is before the tent came down and the mud started  to slide in.
He moved the bikes up under the picnic area.

Thank you to the kind hearted people at the Twin River Campground  for 
allowing us shelter!!!

Everything was so drippy, we waited for a while to take off our rain gear and let the wind and sun dry us off.  We were only 10 minutes away from the Vermont state line.  

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