Thursday, July 28, 2011

Too beautiful for words!

The day started with cloud cover, but NO rain!!!!  Whew...we were so happy to pack up our bikes and stay dry!  We changed hotels at 11:00 am  from the west end of Summerside, PE to the east side, a 10 min drive.
Once settled in our new room, as we got ready to go to Charlottetown, we met a couple in the room right next door.  Turns out they are from Smiths Falls, On and were packing up to head back home.  A chatty but ultra friendly man,  Brian, could have been the resident tour guide! His wife, Chris is just as friendly but more reserved. I had to get a picture because we would never be able to describe what they were driving--behold the "Pinnchero".  A complete original build by Brian.

Okay,  I know I look "fluffy" in my rain pants.

Now,  we start riding to Charlottetown and the sun begins to shine more as the day unfolds. The amazing vivid greens of the different fields are like paintings. Every house we pass by has huge amounts of flowers in pinks, fushia and blues.  With the backdrop of the red earth and blue sky, the trees, fields and water POP
right out!! 
Charlottetown is picturesque with the harbor, all the little bistros, and very colorful buildings. Stopping in at a cute pub/bistro was tasty and entertaining as two different musicians played  guitar and piano.  

On our way back to Summerside,  I had to stop at the beach and sniff the sea breeze.
The picture says it all....

Jim and I are up on a cliff!

  Our day was filled with colorful beauty of God's creation and the kindness of strangers...after cleaning our motorcycles at a self-serve car wash,  two young men, lovingly polishing their race cars were more than happy to chat with us. They shared how each one  moved to PEI as boys from Southern Ontario and love their lifestyle.  One lad even gave me a polishing cloth for my chrome! Sweetness comes in many forms:)

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