Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cabot Trail--Cape Breton Highlands

The weather allowed us,  and thousands of others to follow the Cabot Trail without getting wet!
Today was all about our ascent and descent on the Cabot Trail through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  The route starts about 17 km from our hotel in Baddeck, NS and exits in Cheticamp,NS which is a beautiful little French Acadian Village. There are many artisan shops with crafts, quilts and home baking offered for anyone wanting a little piece of Acadian culture.  Of course,  lobster and sea creatures are on the menu at every cafe and restaurant...we kept our seafood tasting minimal with white fish variety.
From one of the  lookouts

The ocean is so beautiful...can't see it in the photo

Funny thing today was that all the people we happen to talk with were from Barrie, Ontario and a couple from Toronto...all separate places!  
The whole day was spent on the Cabot Trail,  then once we got back to base camp, Jim and I went to the laundromat , had a really delicious deli sandwich at the Yellow Cello Cafe, which was while we were waiting for the clothes to dry. Oh, then we fueled up as there is a gas shortage in Nova Scotia due to power outage at  one of the refineries in Yarmouth.  
Tomorrow is the start of our journey home through the states beginning with Maine...who will we meet there???
Today it was Jim's turn to look "fluffy" in his rain pants :)


  1. if only you two ate lobster! i would have loooooved to try some lobster from out east!

  2. You guys are killing me!! Yarmouth is where my Daddy was raised and where my relatives still live...and those pics of the ocean! I wanna go home! AND what's this about deli sandwiches and white fish??? you better bring me a lobster...or 8!